waterproof LED costume Tron for flyboard show
Custom LED costume Tron with logo
Custom LED costume with logo
LED Tron logo

TRON LED Flyboard RGB with logo

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Waterproof LED Suit model Tron RGB.

The LED costume was created based on the eponymous movie Tron.

This model consists of a three-channel RGB LEDs.


At the request of the client were made additions in the design.  Logo and lines on the legs at the back.

Controller mode:

- Small size remote control.

- 20 static color.

- 18 dynamic programs changing colours.

- Changing the speed of effects.

- Brightness change.

- Autosave last effect before power off.

Production time for LED flyboard costume Tron 10-15 days.

Can be additionally equipped LED helmet.

Complete set of a product:

-LED suit
-LED controller
-battery holder or connector*
-hermetic bag for battery and controller
-Spare parts for replacement and repair suit

* battery and charger not included


Voltage of batteries are 12-13.5 volts.

1 battery LiPol 11.1v 3s 4000-5000 mAh or 10pcs AA 1.2v 2700 mAh and more.

Working time of the flyboard costume with LED to the full discharge of the battery 4500mAh 40-90 min.


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