flyboard LED suit
flyboard LED suit
flyboard LED suit
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LED flyboard costume Legionary 2
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Smart LED suit Armor

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smart LED,
color of the LEDs

Led suit for flyboard model Armor.

Modern high quality led costume with LEDs protected from water and mechanical influences perfect for creating a light show on the water!
Authentic design, fully repeats the contours of armor, creates a sustainable effect of realism, attracts attention and fascinates the viewer.
Use in conjunction with the led helmet will enhance the effect and allow the athlete to feel confident.
High density of high-quality full-color LEDs of the latest generation.

More than 500 of the light elements provide a rich brightness and uniform light distribution.
A well-thought-out and properly built power system ensures long-term and stable operation led suit.
Intuitive and convenient control system.
Thanks to the applied technologies an incredible level of reliability, ease of maintenance and long service life is achieved!

Costume is easy to put on, just a few minutes you will be ready for the performance.



Easy select the desired effects and set their priority.
Suit has a simple control, it is operated by only two buttons.
Functions of switching buttons to the next or previous effect.
Lots of dynamic and static lighting effects.
The ability to create your own effects.

Production time 10-15 days.


Complete set of a product:

- LED costume
- SD controller (20 effects)
- micro SD card and adapter
- Battery holder or connector
- Hermetic bag for battery and controller
- Spare parts for replacement and repair suit
- Manual



Voltage of batteries are 3-5.5 volts.
Working time of the costume Armor the full discharge of the battery 1.5-2 hours.

ATTENTION: to connect the LED Helmet to the suit must be equipped with a terminal for connection.
Do not forget to warn about your intention to use the LED helmet, is not included in the price and can be purchased additionally.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.


For professional use-choose quality, get reliability, be the best!

Perfection is the way!


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