TRON Legacy LED suit

Base price $1.100.0
Variant price modifier:
Sales price $1.000.0
Discount $-100.0
Price / kg:

This model of a LED suit made according to the movie of the same name Tron.

In this model of dance led suit can be installed 3 types of leds.

  1. One-color (white, blue, green, red, yellow, pink, birch)

  2. RGB LEDs allow you to light up in any color. The ability to flow from one color to another

  3. Pixel LEDs. Each LED works and glows separate of every other LED. This allows you to create dynamic effects, cross-fade of a particular area of ​​the suit, use professional software or SD controllers with manual control.

    The listed price includes a model of the led costume with RGB LEDs.


Set of Tron Dance costume


  • Tron LED costume

  • Controller with radio remote control

  • Battery holder box*

  • Repair kit

* Batteries are not included in the price.

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