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Tron Dance

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LED costume Tron dance.

Good solution for the dance groups, breakdancer team, ravers on the music festivals and other performance.

Basic kit. non waterproof. (Tron suit with waterproof led)


- LED suit.

- LED glasses

- LED controller with remote control.

- Battery holder box or connector for battery optional.

- Belt with pockets for controller and battery.

*battery and charger not included in the praice



1. Color of the LED - RGB

(optional Pixel LED or one color)

2. Power battery 12v. optional

   - lipo 11.1v 3s 3000-5000mAh  1pc,

   - NiMh 1.2 v 2700mAh  10pcs

   - Alkaline 1.5 v  8ps 



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