LED Helmets

LED Helmet RGB

RGB, waterproof

Sales price: $389.0
Price / kg:

LED Helmet White color.

single color, waterproof

Sales price: $250.0
Discount: $-99.0
Price / kg:

LED Helmet model Lightning

smart LED, waterproof

Sales price: $420.0
Discount: $-59.0
Price / kg:

LED Robot Helmet

smart LED

Sales price: $2.800.0
Price / kg:
Sales price: $70.0
Price / kg:
Sales price: $179.0
Price / kg:
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LED Helmet for Flyboard and Extreme Sports.

Any and all athletes know that above all else, safety is key. Always observe safety precautions. When practicing extreme sports, always use protection. Of course, a perfect performance can never be guaranteed. For that reason, in case of a mistake of mishap occurring, we want to help you avoid serious injury as much as possible.

We care about our customers! And because we do we offer equipment that is not only safe and comfortable, but is also the latest in our innovative designs and beautifully put together. You will look great, AND have the peace of mind knowing you are observing all needed safety precautions.

To complete your image, we can offer you an exclusive novelty in the market of LED sports products – the LED helmet.

It is made to meet the same standards of professional helmets for sports. The design of the helmet is not subject to significant changes and the protection remains at a high level.

It is ideally suited to go with the LED flyboard suit, which together creates a remarkable piece.
Compatible with costumes of all models, you can combine and create your own image.
Unique, innovative, and dependable technology developed by SER Brothers.
Sealing of LEDs is administered to shockproof IP 67.
Great for use in all sports and extreme sports.
You’re choices are far from limited! Choose from what we offer in our catalog, create your own design, or add on to what you see here!
The more light! The brighter the show!
Use a high level of safety and LED technology!

To order an LED helmet, simply click on the order button and follow the instructions or just contact us.

Our team will be happy to create your vision into a reality!